In Tehran, some districts consisting of  tall trees, wide sidewalks and stone paved are proper for whose like walking, especially in the evening and night.

Valiasr Street

Vali-e Asr street (Pahlavi street) is the longest tree-lined street in Tehran and in the Middle-East with 17.9 km of length beginning from Railway square (Rah Ahan Square) in the middle southern to Tajrish square in Shemiranat district(northern). This street possesses side walk, a wide ditch and about 11000 Plane trees in the two side. The street is traditional center of shopping and two large parks of Mellat and Saei placed in Tehran.

Si Tir Street

Si Tir is one of t oldest streets which was called Ghavam al-Saltaneh in the past. The street is home to valuable ancient works and has been known as Adyan street since the location of Saint Peters Church, Haim Synagogue and Adrian Fire Temple. Si Tir street is also center of street food diversity and 24 hours’ dynamic life. Street food divided in to 20 fixed food stalls and 5 to 10 food trucks.

Enghelab Street

Enghelab Street is known for the number of books on sale. Literature, science, religion, travel, art, photography, languages, etc will be available, at the best prices. Antique and manuscript books are also for sale in specialty shops  Tehran University is also located in this street.

Walking along Streets

Keshavarz Boulevard

Naser Khosrow Street

January 21, 2021
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