The Bazaar is a good choice for shoppers looking to find the best products and deals and those who want to observe the local way of life. The Bazaars of Tehran sell almost everything (food, souvenirs, bargains, antiques to everyday items, etc.) The Grand Bazaar (Center of the city) and the Bazaar of Tajrish (North of Tehran) are two of the most noteworthy, with quiet different atmospheres and flavors.

The Grand Bazaar   

The Bazaar is an old historical market located in center of Tehran, near Arg Square. The main structure dates back to the Qajar Dynasty (1775-1925) and is divided into several corridors, over10 kilometers in length, in an area of 150 hectares. Each corridor contains stores and stalls for different types of goods, with several entry points, the main one located in Sabzeh Meydan. In addition to stores, the Grand Bazaar includes restaurants, banks, mosques, inns, etc. 

Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar is a smaller version of Tehran Grand Bazaar, in the North of the city, and one of the oldest shopping centers outside the center. Entering this Bazaar, one is confronted with the scent and color of unique fabrics, colorful spices, dried herbs, nuts, fruits, natural fragrance extractions, natural distilled herbs and medicines. 

Rey Bazaar

Being one of the historical Bazaars of the Safavid Era, the Rey Traditional Bazaar constructed from chalk, brick, mortar, and mud is located on the North side of Shah Abdol Azim’s Mausoleum. The bazaar enjoys is in the form of Charsooq (Corridors crossing each other) and covered by domes that connect to the Twin caravanserai in the West and to a small square in the East. The bazaar has been restored several times in different eras. The Traditional Bazaar was on the Silk Road.

Traditional Bazaars

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Rey Traditional Bazaar

Tajrish Bazaar

Tehran Carpet Bazaar

January 21, 2021
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