Tehran is the beating heart and the largest city in Iran. Due to its location on the Southern slopes of Alborz, between the mountains and the desert, it has many natural attractions. Due to its geographical location, the city provides diverse environments: in the North mountainous and cold and in the South dry and hot, which has caused people in the metropolis to experience four seasons. Also, as the administrative and political center, its 200-year history as the capital, ancient mansions and outstanding museums alongside modern structures and attractive parks, as well as religious sites such as mosques, Imamzadeh, churches, synagogues, fire temples, shopping malls and new & traditional markets, Tehran has become a historical, vibrant, attractive and spectacular city.

Top 10 Attractions

Golestan Palace

Carpet Museum of Iran

Azadi Square & Tower

Sad Abad Complex

Milad Tower

National Museum of Iran

Tabi’at Bridge (Nature Bridge)

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Treasury of National Jewels

Glassware & Ceramic Museum

January 21, 2021
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