Tehran, the 200-year-old capital, is the largest and most crowded city in Iran, where the most significant official, executive and political decisions are made. Tehran, as the heart of Iran, influences the economic, cultural, scientific, and political aspects of the country. Moreover, Various elements have made Tehran historically important including Shahr-e Rey (City of Rey) dating back 7,000 years, the remains of ancient Rey civilization on Gheytarieh Hill and the reign of the Safavid empire in the past 400 years, which has ranked Tehran in the 5 top tourist destinations because of its various attractions for tourists. 

Tehran plays a major strategic and economic role for Iran and 50% of industrial activities are carried out in the city. Establishment of state organizations such as the Central Bank, currency exchanges, the Tehran Stock Exchange, ministries, the parliament and state institutions, chambers of commerce, etc. have made the city the major national decision-making and policymaking center of the country. 

The key vehicle manufacturing and distribution activities have been established in Tehran. Furthermore, Tehran Grand Bazaar is one of the major centers for distribution of goods and products. The Bazaar is also the center for distribution and export of carpets and furniture. Other major economic sectors of the capital include automotive equipment, power and electric, electronics, textiles, sugar, cement and chemicals. E-commerce and internet-based businesses and activities also take place in the city and many startup companies have established themselves in the capital. The capital possesses specialty & general hospitals and medical centers, which make it one of the main health tourism destinations in the region. Tehran is renowned for cosmetic surgery, specially rhinoplasty globally and many tourists from developed countries choose Iran for such treatments.

Tehran University, as the first educational establishment in Iran, plays an integral role in formation of traditional, cultural, political, social, artistic and sport identities, in addition to educational identity and has influence on the make-up of the Iranian society. Tehran hosts many great national and international competitive events at Azadi Sport Complex, Enghelab Sport Complex and several small and large stadiums, gyms and federations.

Nowadays, with the development and modernization of the city, many modern life elements from Western and Eastern countries have entered into the lifestyle of the people of Iran and created new identities, which has caused many native traditions and customs to lose their original significance, despite the continuation of many ancient ceremonies such  as  mourning  on  Muharram,  and  Nowruz  (New  year),  etc.

Although, Tehran offers a large variety of souvenirs and handicraft, and others have been overlooked with the passage of time and modernization. Souvenirs and handicraft available in the city include: Poshteh-Doozi, Kilim, Jajim woven by Tehran nomads, wood and carved items, leather bags and shoes, glasswork, felt, decorative clay objects, glass, tile, wood, handmade  clothing, bags and shoes with traditional designs, etc. Culture and art have developed due to the presence of multiple training centers and many artists. 

All the world`s great cities are remembered for their special landmarks, features and elements, and the capital holds its own place among the developed metropolises by possessing locations such as Milad Tower, Azadi Tower, Tabi’at Bridge, Gonbad-e-Mina (Dome of Mina), Tehran Book Garden, Islamic Revolution and the Holy Defense Museums. Most   of   the   significant   museums are located in Tehran (The City of Museums) and this variety makes the city a great tourist attraction. Many of the museums were established in traditional castles, buildings and mansions.

Imamzadeh (shrines of Shia Imams) and religious  locations are also important  attractions, as well as churches, fire temples and others which means different  communities  living side by side peacefully. In addition to the various traditional, civil and modern attractions, there are other natural attractions where people can relax and refresh such as Tochal, Darband, Darakeh, Park-e Mellat, Park-e Shahr, Park-e Laleh, Park-e Saei, Ab-o-Atash Park, etc. 

January 21, 2021
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