Next to Parzin Baghdadi intersection, Sarlashgar Fallahi Ave. (Za’ferniyeh Ave.), Valiasr St., Tehran

The Time Museum or Tamashagahe-Zaman has been built in two floors inspired by Qajar-style architecture including plaster working, tile working, Muqarnas, and Girih. The building has a floor area of 700 m 2 in an area of 5,000 m 2 . The complex was registered in the National Heritage List (2003).

The building contains various old clocks dating back the 17 th -20 th centuries. The first floor is specialized for different simples of mechanical clocks such as Shahini, pendulum, table clock, grandfather clocks which are a mixture of art and industry. The second floor contains a collection of wristwatches, pocket watches, and watches belonging to famous figures which had a special function such as the first time stamping clock.

At the open area of the gallery primal clocks such as sundial dated back to 3,000 years B.C., sandglasses, water clocks and candle clocks from different eras, and inside the mansion mechanical clocks, desktop clocks, pocket watches and wristwatches, are displayed. The other sections of the museum represent world top calendars including some simple and ancient calendars, introduction of famous calendar creators, Astrolabes, and time measurement tools. A part of the mansion shows documents about Jalali Calendar and its history in Iran. The model of the oldest Iranian dated document and Bisotoon Manuscript, is displayed in the museum too.

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February 28, 2021
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