Si Tir Street

Si Tir Street is one of the oldest and most upstanding areas in Tehran and a tourist attractions from past times. Stone paved, sidewalks and streets and mobile food stalls, have made it an attractive spot for tourists and locals at night. The street is filled with the smells of foods and the visitor can buy drinks, ice cream, and desserts. Tea from the samovar, sour cherry tea and a bicycle altered into a small café make the street even more attractive.


Arabian Food 

Dowlatabad Street is located in the south-east of Tehran. For many years now, Dowlatabad Street has been famous for its Arabic food (Arabic Falafel, Samboose, Lebanon and Iraqi sweets). About 130 Arabic Falafel stalls are found in the area, serving Kibbeh, Maria, sesame Falafel, sweets like Lebanese Baklava, Kanafeh, Daheen, and Iraqi sweet tea.

January 21, 2021
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