Tehran, Capital of Iran, has the largest and best-equipped private and state-owned hospitals in the Health Tourism Industry. All requisite services are provided: Online Pre-Surgery Medical Consultation, Accommodation, Interpretation, High-Quality  Medical  Services,  Inner-city  Transportation,  Follow-Up  of Medical Treatment in Iran & Country of Origin, Tourism Services, etc. Considering the available high capacities and large hospitals, a variety of medical services, facilities and surgeries are offered in Tehran: Fertility and Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, Cardiac & Vascular, Urology, Ophthalmology, nfectious Disease, General, Gastrointestinal, Plastic and Cosmetic, Traditional Treatments, etc. Also, many centres provide health, wellness and beauty services. International and traditional beauty salons and massage therapy centres offer the following facilities: Cosmetic Treatments, medical, herbal baths Aiding in the Treatment of Dermatological, Respiratory, and Rheumatic Disease, as well as a variety of Spa, Relaxation and Additional Services. 

Spa & Wellness

Hana Spa Center

January 21, 2021
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