The Persian garden has the architecture and configuration of the garden and mansion and is a symbol of the richness of Iranian architecture, history and culture. These gardens are paradise on earth while one strolls by the flowing waters, observes the beautiful fountains, and becomes surrounded by kind nature, tall trees & indescribable landscaped gardens.

Persian Park & Gardens

Laleh Park

Pardisan Natural Park

Tehran’s Jurassic Park

Chitgar Park

Sorkheh Hesar National Park

Iran-Shahr Park (Honarmandan Park)

Bagh-e Negarestan (Negarestan Garden)

Jamshidieh Park

Ab-o-Atash Park (Water & Fire Park)

Khojir National Park

Lavizan Forest Park

Sohanak Forest Park & Hills

Nahj al-Balagha Park

National Botanical Garden of Iran

Mellat Park & Mellat Cinema Complex

Park-e Shahr (City Park)

Saei Park

Gheytarieh Park

Niavaran Park

Taleghani Park

Bagh-e Irani (Persian Garden)

Birds Garden

January 21, 2021
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