Many Places attract more tourists at night like Cafes and Restaurants. A number of interesting locations to visit are Café Nazdik, Sam Café, Lamiz Café, Café Cinema, Bam-e Tehran, Tabi'at Bridge, Laleh Park, Darband, Si-Tir Street, Darakeh, Chitgar Lake, etc.

Tabi'at Bridge

Tabi’at Bridge, the largest bridge in the Middle East and the first pedestrian overpass in Iran, is a three-story structure over Modarres Expressway, linking Taleqani and Ab-o Atash parks. The bridge is 300 meters long and 40 meters high, which provides an exceptional view of Tehran.

Eating in Nature

Dining on Iranian traditional and local foods is possible in Darband, Farahzad, Darakeh, Kuhsar and Bame Tehran areas where restaurants and cafes with nature themes are abundant. Traditional garden restaurants in these areas serve food according to the season (cooked faba beans, boiled beetroot, fruit sheets, plums and walnuts, etc.) making it a great exprience for tourists.

Ab-o-Atash Park

Ab-o-Atash has several water features as well as four imposing fire towers that periodically blast out large flames skywards. Visitors can also make use of restaurants, cafes, badminton courts, and an amphitheater that regularly holds events of one kind or another. The park is also connected to Taleghani Forest Park by the multi-award winning Tabi’at Bridge.

Baam–e Tehran

Baam-e-Tehran (Roof of Tehran) is the best uphill walking/jogging spot in the North of Tehran and one of the entry points to Tochal peak. The road has a mild slope making it suitable for walkers of any age. Busses are also available to take visitor to the top of the hill. Enjoy eye-catching landscape when on top of the hill, especially at night. The Baam Complex consists of entertainment facilities such as an escape room, 5D cinema, VR, sledges and tele cabin.

Milad Tower

is a construction with a height of 435 meters shining bright like a diamond in the capital, as being the highest structure in Iran, the sixth highest telecommunication and twentieth non-bearing tower in the world. The tower holds the first place regarding the width of head area which is 13,000 m2. Many facilities are provided such as tower balcony restaurant, the scape room, the zip line, the revolving restaurant, VIP restaurants, open deck, closed deck, sky dome, hall of fame, coin museum, food court, commercial and exhibitions, and a concert as well as a conference hall. Fifteen conference halls built nearby the tower, are of the best halls in the Middle East.

Chitgar Lake

Chitgar Artificial Lake (Lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf) is one of the natural attractions around Tehran and the top ranking artificial lake in Iran. The complex possesses a total area of around 250 hectares (130 ha. across the lake and 120 ha. on the beach zone and resorts). Building construction is taking place close to the lake. Boating, Biking, Hiking and Fishing are recreational activities in the area.

January 21, 2021
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