During travel and on trips, the youth are inclined to choose hostels or low-cost accommodation. For those preferring backpacking trips and nature over high- priced accommodation, hostels area good choice, offering a range of prices based on the location and time of travel. Most of the hostels are located in buildings from the Pahlavi I and II eras, having the design and architecture of the eras. Tehran is home to the best hostels, high quality and low cost, between 8 to 50 Euros, based on the season and the type of room requested.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels are modern concept, 4 or 5 star accommodations offering 24-hour service to travelers, located downtown (for access to attractions) or in the North of the city (well-to-do areas).Other facilities offered are swimming pools and spa services, billiard, playgrounds, businessservices, conference halls, etc.

Budget Hotels

Economy hotels are a good choice for low-budget  travel.  The  hotels have suitable facilities, accessibility to major highways, shopping centers and the public transport system. 

Apartment Hotels
Apartment hotels are highly flexible and offer variety. Their facilities are like other luxury hotels, but room service can be excluded and length of stay can be from several days to months. They offer lower prices in comparison to similar level hotels.


Laleh Hotel

Hana Botic Hotel

Ibis & Novotel Hotel

January 21, 2021
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