The Ancient history of Iran and its civilization is evident and on display in museums, museum palaces, and historic mansions. The locations possess a wide range of cultural and historical accomplishments and express the splendor of several thousand years of civilization.

Glorious Museums

Carpet Museum of Iran

Reza Abbasi Museum

Safir Office Machines Museum

The National Museum of Medical Sciences History

Tamashagahe Tarikh Museum

Imam Ali Museum

Treasury of National Jewels

Bank Melli Iran Museum

National Arts Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art

Iran Ebrat Museum

Ali Akbar Sanati Museum (13 Aban)

Museum of Telecommunications

National Museum of the Holy Quran

Bank Sepah Museum

Iran National Museum of Science & Technology Museum

Glassware & Ceramic Museum

Malek National Library & Museum

Cinema Museum (Bagh-e Ferdows)

Tamashahgah-e Zaman (Time Museum)

Music Museum

Iranian Museum of Graphic Design

Museum of the Qasr Prison

Money Museum

Iranian Art Museum Garden

Iran DarAbad Museum of Nature & Wildlife

Islamic Revolution & Holy Defense Museum

Moghaddam Museum

National Museum of Iran

January 21, 2021
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