Culture is a common set of scientific & artistic ideas, ethics, habits and achievements of a society that embody the national identity and character of the community. Considering Iran's thousand-year history, ethnicity as well as popular art & culture, artists, inspired by intrinsic creativity and its fusion with the national-indigenous complexities have created visual and performing arts such as music, painting, architecture, etc. 

Arts and Culture could be divided into two categories of cultural activities and centers, bringing the most desirable hours to visitors.

Tehran Theater Halls

Teatr-e Shahr (City theater) is the largest amphitheater in Iran, constructed in the year 1967. The complex enjoys an attractive design and is in the Iran Cultural Heritage List. The structure has a main hall consisting of five halls. The complex is in proximity of Daneshjoo Park which has stone paved paths. Iranshahr theater is in proximity of Honarmandan Park, which has two halls named Samandarian and Nazer Zadeh Kermani. Some theaters in Tehran are:

  • Iranshahr Theater
  • Teatr-e Shahr
  • Vahdat Hall
  • Tehran Independent Theater
  • Iranian Artists Forum
  • Sangelaj Theater
  • Shahrzad Theater
  • Samandarian Hall
  • RooBeRoo Mansion

Tehran Cinemas

The Iranian film industry has greatly evolved in recent years and Iranian films are now making numerous appearances on the international scene. Some of the Cineplexes in Tehran are:

  • Mellat Gallery and Cineplex
  • Kourosh Cineplex
  • Charsou Cineplex
  • Azadi Cinema Complex
  • Arg Cineplex

Tehran concert halls

Vahdat Hall is the place for music concerts, orchestra groups and theatrical plays, inspired by the Vienna Opera house and built in 1967. The stage consists of 4 sections. The front section is allocated to performances; the 2 sides and the back sections are allocated to the mise-en-scène with the horizontal circulation potential and changeable height.

  • Vahdat Hall
  • Roudaki Hall
  • Eivan-e Shams
  • Arasbaran Cultural Center
  • Tehran Royal Hall
  • Niavaran Cultural House
  • Milad Concert Hall
  • Tehran Cultural Centers

    Cultural & Art Organization of Tehran Municipality is an Iranian organization public and non –government independent with a legal personality being operated under the supervision a board of trustees. The organization owns more than 400 centers throughout Tehran. It was established on December 2, 1996 following an order by the Islamic Revolution Supreme Leader aimed at promoting public culture of Tehran citizens affiliated with the Municipality.

    • Arasbaran
    • Avecinna
    • Melal
    • Eshragh
    • Andisheh
    • Razi
    • Bahman

    Arts & Culture

    Beethoven Music Museum

    Malek National Library & Museum

    City Theater of Tehran

    Vahdat Hall

    Ghazali Cinema Town

    Tehran Book Garden

    National Library of Iran

    Ritual Dramatic Art of Ta‘zīye

    Ashura Ceremony

    Ramadan Feast

    Pahlevani & Zoorkhanei Rituals

    January 21, 2021
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