Tehran, a huge metropolis and the capital of Iran, has kind and hospitable people, a mild climate, four seasons, delicious and varied food and dessert, traditional structures and superb architecture, performing and visual art forms that have converted it into a fine traditional and cultural city. Besides convenient and pleasant urban facilities, Tehran is an appropriate cost-effective choice for any tourist.

Ancient Civilization

Iran is an ancient civilization of many thousands of years. Accounts shows that the City of Rey existed before the 3rd century A.H. and its perimeter (up to a radius of 100 kilometers) was an important hub of humanity known as the “Central Iranian Plateau Civilization” which dates back to more than 8,000- 12,000 years ago.

Hospitality & Generousity

A great deal of historic and literary accounts from ancient Iran confirms that Persians or Iranians have always been kind and hospitable. The rich culture of Iran allows for the act of hospitality to be observed in all tribes and cities. The sense of compassion, philanthropy and kindness are found in Tehran as well.

Museums & Mansions

Boasting one of the world’s most ancient civilizations, Tehran has numerous museums and historical mansions offering rich insight into thousands years of national art and culture. Tehran has about 978 historical sites of cultural significance registered with the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran. The oldest of historical sites in Tehran province are 2 in Firuzkuh that date back to the 4th millennium B.C, with only some parts remaining.

Natural Beauty & Four Seasons

Tehran is a favorite destination and popular ecotourism location with a variety of natural attractions (mountains, rivers, lakes, gardens, waterfalls, forests, wildlife shelters, etc.). Travel to Tehran in any seasons to see distinctive and divergent scenes.

The Heart of Iran’s Economy & Business

Tehran is the 18th largest city and economic center of Iran, and the most cost-effective capital in the world. The city developed and the economy grew becoming the heart of all business and trade. Here culture and history link with enterprise and people have a passion for success and pleasure.

A Cultural City with Persian Art Collections

Tehran has been the center of Iran for thousands years in terms of art and craft. The city is culturally and ethnically diverse where people have their own specific traditions, customs, and languages. Music and theatrical performances, museums, historical and contemporary art exhibitions & galleries are held in the city.

Delicious & Diverse Food

In Tehran, one can find different kinds of food and sweets related to various ethnic groups living there. The rich culture has made Iranian cuisine highly diversified. The Persian gastronomy is very desirable and unforgettable, mostly rice and meat dishes accompanied by salad, yogurt and fresh vegetables.

Health Tourism

Tehran offers a wide range of treatment facilities through an extensive network of highly equipped hospitals (around 161 active hospitals), and rehabilitation centers with reasonable costs. A costs analysis procedure shows that treatment costs are much lower in comparison to developed countries.

Incredible Architecture

The elegance of the architecture, symbols, and the traditional calligraphy are the most remarkable points of the sophisticated Persian architecture. In addition to historical gates, palaces and mosques, the rapid growth of cities, such as Tehran has brought a wave of new constructions. Iranian architecture features a great variety, both structurally and aesthetically, deriving from a variety of traditions and experiences.

Safe Capital

Tehran is a safe capital as cities such as Tehran are home to the great civilizations, which are still thriving. Iranian kindness  and  hospitality is  unforgettable.

January 26, 2021
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